AlMoTh 2019

Algorithmic Model Theory Meeting 2019


The AlMoTh 2019 meeting will take place in Aachen, on Monday/Tuesday 18th and 19th March.

Location: b-it seminar room (5053. 1/2), located in the building "Erweiterungsbau E2" of the Informatikzentrum (see below for information on how to get there).

Dinner takes place in Restaurant Macaroni, Schmiedstraße 24, 52062 Aachen, at 19.30.

Late registrations are possible: please send an email to almoth2019 [AT]

We have been able to reserve a very limited number of rooms in the guest house of the university, which can be booked on a first-come-first-served basis. Otherwise you need to book accommodation yourself.


12.30 – 13.30Welcome Soup
13.30 – 14.05Christopher Spinrath: "Parallel-Correctness for Datalog Programs"
14.05 – 14.40Peter Lindner: "Infinite probabilistic databases"
14.40 – 15.15Katrin Dannert: "Provenance for Guarded Logics"
15.15 – 15.45Coffee break
15.45 – 16.20Nils Vortmeier: "Reachability under more changes"
16.20 – 16.55Markus Schmid: "Regular Expressions with Backreferences: Polynomial-Time Matching Techniques"
16.55 – 17.30Richard Wilke: "Logics with Multiteam Semantics"
17.30 – 18.05Jakub Ledl: "Algebras for ranked forests"
19.30Dinner: Restaurant Macaroni, Schmiedstraße 24, 52062 Aachen
9.00 – 9.35Dietrich Kuske: "Languages ordered by the subword order"
9.35 – 10.10Daniel Neuen: "Canonisation and Definability for Graphs of Bounded Rank Width"
10.10 – 10.45Sandra Kiefer: "A Linear Upper Bound on the Weisfeiler-Leman Dimension of Graphs of Bounded Genus"
10.45 – 11.15Coffee break
11.15 – 11.50Matthias Niewerth: "Enumeration on Trees with Tractable Combined Complexity and Efficient Updates"
11.50 – 12.25Steffen van Bergerem: "Learning Concepts Definable in First-Order Logic with Counting"
12.25 – 13.00Martin Grohe: "Weisfeiler and Leman go Neural"


  1. Erich Grädel
  2. Martin Grohe
  3. Matthias Hoelzel
  4. Benedikt Pago
  5. Katrin Dannert
  6. Richard Wilke
  7. Jakub Ledl
  8. Bjarki Benediktsson
  9. Noleen Köhler
  10. Ioannis Kokkinis (Guest House)
  11. Thomas Schwentick (Guest House)
  12. Kord Eickmeyer (Guest House)
  13. Felix Canavoi (Guest House)
  14. Yijia Chen (Guest House)
  15. Dietmar Berwanger (Guest House)
  16. Christoph Berkholz
  17. Dietrich Kuske
  18. Christopher Spinrath
  19. Peter Lindner
  20. Nils Vortmeier
  21. Daniel Neuen
  22. Sandra Kiefer
  23. Markus Schmid
  24. Matthias Niewerth
  25. Steffen van Bergerem
  26. Gaetano Geck
  27. Daniel Wiebking

Local information

Following these links you can get information about how to reach us on our contact page. If you take a train via Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach, you can also leave the train at "Aachen West" (prior to "Aachen Hauptbahnhof") and either walk from there (about 15 minutes) or take the bus (line 33) to "Halifaxstraße" (direction "Vaals (NL), Uniklinik").

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